Although I am based in a quiet studio in Newnham where sessions usually take place, due to COVID-19 all meetings are now either on the phone or Skype and this may continue to be the case for many months. As of early 2021 I am afraid I don't have spaces for new clients, but I will update this page as and when the situation changes.

Sessions take place between one and several times a week and are up to fifty minutes.  The standard fee is £70 per session, although I do have low fee places in the middle of the day only, for self-funding students and for those unable to work or on very low income. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.


Tel: 07704 507063


I hold email addresses, mobile phone numbers and Skype addresses (all on password-protected devices), for the purposes of scheduling appointments, invoicing and accounting, and occasionally for other matters raised by the client. I do not share client data with any third party (for example GPs or other medical professionals, employers, university tutors) unless specifically asked to do so by the client and only after discussion and with their full permission. 

Note taking is minimal and excludes details that might identify the client; any notes are stored and locked safely and separately from the above contact details and are destroyed within six months of the work ending. 


In order to support my thinking and to uphold the professional standards required by the organisations to which I belong, I have regular supervision in which all material is anonymised. 



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