Psychoanalysis in Cambridge

Psychoanalysis may be sought for many different reasons, including depression, anxiety, 

bereavement, illness or anger. Someone may be stuck in repeating patterns of thoughts or behaviours that they feel are having negative effects; they may have relationship difficulties or questions about sexuality; they may have concerns about their body; they may be finding it hard to deal with the loss of a person, a place, a position or an identity.


Psychoanalysis can offer an opportunity to articulate something about aspects of life that may be impossible to address in other contexts. Working psychoanalytically means that the unconscious will be taken into account, on the premise that we are driven as much by unconscious processes as by conscious ones. The work of the analyst, or addressee, is not to offer answers, nor to dole out standard advice, but to listen attentively and allow the person to build their own solutions through a greater understanding of what might have brought them to where they are now.



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